Neal considers himself an entertainer who happens to be able to draw; his brand of entertainment blends artistic skill and a keen comedic wit to produce not just a caricature, but an experience that people remember. As Neal entertains his subject and chats up the crowd, an image appears on paper, one that captures the person's spirit while impishly adding a twist of humor to create a unique caricature.

There are hundreds of caricature artists throughout the country, but none can give your audience the full package that Neal provides. Like an improvisational comedian, Neal absorbs what he sees and hears, interacts with the crowd, and focuses on the moment while creating true-to-life, instant caricatures-all while making people laugh. What better way to increase attendance at a special function?

Hundreds of corporations, colleges, universities, and private individuals have booked The Neal Portnoy Caricature Show to captivate audiences-book Neal for your special event to make it memorable for your group.

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